Johnny Wheel Rock – Fan Art

As you all know my website companion Gaf,(Jumped or Pushed?)has recently been covering a story involving a talented young musician that goes by the name of Johnny Wheel Rock.  From what I gather Johnny Wheel Rock is a paraplegic who has replaced all his broken body parts with a wheel.  Apparently, he fights dinosaurs with wild bouts of fecal flinging and makes beautiful music, often performing cover songs of old Jamaican masters.  (correct me if I’m wrong Gaf)

Anyways, for some odd reason one of Johnny’s fans sent some fan art. I guess that’s what they call it.   I kept emailing him back with Gaf’s email address but I think he was slightly off in the head.  I guess Johnny Wheel Rock’s music captivates a wider audience than I thought.

Anyways, here’s the fan art – enjoy!

3 Responses to “Johnny Wheel Rock – Fan Art”

  1. Gaf says:

    Jonny Wheel Rock (JWR as his fans call him) is currently travelling across Eastern Europe in his “Jack it up a Notch” tour.
    It’s like a 200 date tour, so he’ll be rocking out for quite some time.
    Ricky Bob and I (Duocorn) are negotiating the possibility of a record deal with his label – “Unicycle”, so I know his manager.
    Looks like JWR after one of his shows…he really fucks shite up.

  2. Ricky Bob says:

    Yah we are pretty close with Jonny and his entire douche family. He has soo many great and loyal fans, this piece of art is just fantastic. JWR sure does know how to fuck shite up and get the people inspired.

    This must have been drawn after the show where JWR was hittin jumps with his uni while taken swiggers….rock on Jonny, rock on.

  3. MC superfresh says:

    fan + art = fart

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