like a canary

she heard he had a good draw
he had the best collie
and so she sends (Barrington) sends him for a ride
I was right there listening
when she sent him
he was singing a song on his bike
making up lyrics while he ride
singing a song bout the collie
like a canary
his first hit song
singing bout ma ma
send him too buy..
some collie..

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3 Responses to “like a canary”

  1. Wyclef Gene says:

    I knew I stole that melody from somewhere…

  2. Jolly Mon says:

    Yah mon. Wyclef is a ras clat.

  3. Lone Seagull says:

    Certain substance is a nuisance seen? Fuck You WyCunt – Twenty.. one.. zero asshole.

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