Chewy’s Fantasy

4 Responses to “Chewy’s Fantasy”

  1. Tauntaun says:

    Han Solo: Hey Chewy it sure is damn cold on this ice planet Hoth and to be quite honest I don’t feel like sticking my head up that fithy TaunTaun’s ass.

    Chewy: Aghhhhhhhhh (in agreement)

    Han Solo: I noticed that you chirp apes have a mighty fine fur coat…looks like you could stay warm for days with that even in the harshest of climates…

    Chewbacca (Firing cross bow)- “Aaaaaaargh!!”

    Han Solo (Gurgling Blood from a crossbow throat shot) – “…chirp…apes…” (dies)

  2. Lone Seagull says:

    Awwwwww! That’s not what happens in Chewy’s Fantasy – In Chewy’s fantasy Chewy is supposed to have undying love for Han but I suppose if someone hinted at stealing my skin to stay warm I would shoot him in the throat too.

  3. MC superfresh says:

    this image touches my love cortex

  4. Gaf says:

    I like how in Chewy’s fantasy, C-3PO is a carrot.

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