Quark – Fan Art

A fan sent this to me the other day.  She was raving about how great theQuark & Odo Adventuresare and kept asking for more.  I reassured her but didn’t promise anything, she retorted with the following quote.

Quark: “Hey Odo, you see this grin on my face?”

Odo: “Yes Quark, did you just eat another Romulan cloister bug?”

Quark: “Yeah, but that’s not why I’m grinning.  Look down you filthy clay maggot.”

Odo: “Oh fuck, I forgot to morph my clay tranhole back into an androgynous lump of gray flesh.”

Quark steps closer.

Odo: “Quarrrrk!!! Not again!!”

Quark: “Heh heh heh…”

4 Responses to “Quark – Fan Art”

  1. ttb says:

    Nice Quark!

  2. Ricky Bob says:

    Quark you crafty bastard.

  3. Astro Fist says:

    Filthy Ferengi

  4. Gaf says:

    Fucking space filth of the highest caliber.

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