Lone Seagull

5 Responses to “Lone Seagull”

  1. Astro Fist says:

    That is perfect! I’m liking the new banner to!

  2. Ricky Bob says:

    Nice one son. Puts the seagull in the class of the bald eagle.

  3. Lone Seagull says:

    Thanks Astro, I’m pleased with the banner too and the finished drawing. I wish I took more care on the eyes though – to me they seem a bit flat.

    Ricky: The seagull was always in that class now he just surpasses it. ;)

  4. Gaf says:

    Haha RB, so fucking true.

    Awesome work, I like the eyes. The colour is super saturated too. Makes for a killer banner.

    All your drawings are looking pimp son.

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