Hopes and Dreams

In commemoration of Concave’s one year anniversary, Ricky Bob and myself have collaborated on some beautiful, awe inspiring collages.  This collection, entitled “Hopes and Dreams” depicts one of Concave’s 2011 obsessions.  Listening to“Twenty One One – The Year for Fun”while viewing these images is highly recommended.

Family Portrait

Hey Kia!!

Worst Fear (Dragon Rape)

It’s Mine!!

Who Am I??

Fuck you Willow, I’ll throw your shit in tha Rivah!!

Burglekutt vs. Zardoz

4 Responses to “Hopes and Dreams”

  1. Gaf says:

    Pure Art.

  2. Professor Fantasy says:

    This is the most comprehensive examination of the twisted Burglekutt/Kaia relationship I have ever seen.

  3. Gaf says:

    I appreciate them all equally, but “It’s mine” would be a lovely album cover.

  4. Astro Fist says:

    If we could watch that peck burglekutt dream frame by frame, this is what you would see. Even if I wasn’t familiar with this evil peck I would understand the inner workings of his mind. Nicely done LS and RB.

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