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Protector of Ice Hut

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

This War Mallet once belonged to a small and rather filthy creature known as “The Peck”. As legend suggests a silver mare bore the weight of the stanky stubby rider and shared in his many diseased habits. Apparently both rider and beast hunted anything that moved. After a hunt they would store their trophies in the Ice Hut. This may sound like an ideal place to keep your game but don’t be fooled, there was nothing icy about this hut. In fact it had the worst infestation a hut could have. Mice, rats, snakes and bats all shared the dwelling and didn’t hesitate to shit on anything that entered it.

Determined to protect their shit covered delicacies “The Peck” and his stead, “The Silver Brumby” never left the area of the Ice Hut, as a result any one who stumbled into their vicinity was brutally pounded into a pulp by the flexi-handled War Mallet. As the tale goes, their bodies were then thrown in the Ice Hut, shat upon, left to rot and eventually eaten.

Due to this evil, disgraceful history, the War Mallet has been designated Protector of Ice Hut. Unfortunately it has been lost for aeons and now only exists in tales. One thing that the many stories have in common is mention of a back lot, wood pile, behind some tree.