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365 days bitchs

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Surprisingly, today marks Concave Perceptions’ 1 year anniversary.  Over the past year Concave Perceptions has become a flourishing online community.  What is unique about our site is that the content is inspired by the online and real life interaction of the members. As you maneuver through the material/minds of Lone Seagull, Ricky Bob, Gaf (Jumped or Pushed) and Astro Fist (One Leaf Clover) you will see a rich, enlightening dialogue depicted through a plethora of  audio-visual mastery.  In the following year (the year for fun) Concave Perceptions will be delivering more hits, shits, and megabits while maintaining the current unique qualities of the site.  And not to fret for those of you who want more, we are always in the process of developing new, innovative, and often concave – perceptions to share.  So check back regularly or update yourRSSfeeds. Thanks for the support.

Burglekutt for life.

CP staff

Hopes and Dreams

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

In commemoration of Concave’s one year anniversary, Ricky Bob and myself have collaborated on some beautiful, awe inspiring collages.  This collection, entitled “Hopes and Dreams” depicts one of Concave’s 2011 obsessions.  Listening to“Twenty One One – The Year for Fun”while viewing these images is highly recommended.

Family Portrait

Hey Kia!!

Worst Fear (Dragon Rape)

It’s Mine!!

Who Am I??

Fuck you Willow, I’ll throw your shit in tha Rivah!!

Burglekutt vs. Zardoz