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King of the Pecks

Friday, May 13th, 2011

This is the real Billy Barty. True King to all Pecks. When he died, the other Pecks burried him inside a cooler. Sort of like the larger sized cooler your mom would bring camping.

The Peck King was the first and only male Peck to ever fuck a human. She was severn years old, but was taller than the Peck King.

BB, as his fellow Pecks called him, also enjoyed putting Brownies into a large bowl – then he would sit ontop of the bowl with his pants down.

Black Meegosh

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Black Meegosh – The number #1 hunter and dunker of the pathetic Peck race. Once upon a time, all Pecks were black (known at the time as “Dark Pecks”), until one day a Daikini fucked a peck…

The Gods were so enraged by the fact a Peck had been fucked by a Daikini, that they erased all the skin colours from all the races. The Daikini race would never again be able to claim their skin was the purest in the realm.