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Picard asks

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  1. robe pas cher says:

    One Leaf Clover » Archive » Picard asks

  2. One Leaf Clover » Archive » Picard asks

  3. Andre says:

    WOW, they are really spaicel. Love them. Congratz on your blog: it’s my first visit and I really feel inspired by seeing all this beauty. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Dina says:

    My mother just has one for hseerlf since a few months and is really happy with it too.I bet this clover will bring you extra luck and who knows, a green house in the near future. I hope this dream of yours comes true!

  5. Sutapa says:

    Blair, I love this. It is so cute. Plus I could definitely use some extra “good” luck right now. Life can be so ceaolicmtpd sometimes and never go just right. Happy Monday!!

  6. The part that potentially irked, or creeped me out, is if they publish this information. I found a website (though it didn’t work) that purported to show on google maps what open wireless connections were in a given neighbourhood.Some people do trust in the relative anonymity of their “public” unencrypted wi-fi router. This exposes that anonymity and violates a social norm or expectation.

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