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Flute Hands Man Fan Rap

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

I’m like a snake charmer — when I’m playing the flute

except substitute the snake with the ladies and the loot.

-Master Control-

#6 – Flute Hands Man

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010


Power: Flute Virtuoso

Weakness:Professor X’s Helmet

Flute Hands Man is a master of sound.  Although, he uses the beauty of sound for his own selfish evil doings…

Flute Hands Man was always teased by the other robots at circuit school because he never could do anything other than play the flute.  His maker Dr. Light thought it would be interesting to make a robot that only had one function, the outcome was FHM.  Dr. Light also created Mega Man during this time and FHM was extremely jealous of him because his potential was truly limitless.  This lead Flute Man to study hypnotism, particularly mind control.  Eventually FMH become so adept in this art he could hypnotize anything including robots, humans and animals with the power of his flute.  Once he reached this point he swore revenge on Mega Man.

#7 – Piss Bot

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

HP: 75

Power:  Brown, Yellow and Acid Piss

Weakness: Hot Oil Bath

Piss Bot was the first openly gay character to be featured in the Mega Man franchise.  Her companion is Fem Bot whom turned into a “Romo” after she realized Mega Man wanted nothing to do with her.  Piss Bot is known throughout Robot City by her putrid smell and foul attitude.  All Piss Bot really wants is to settle down with Fem Bot and live happily, but she knows Fem Bots obsession with Mega Man will never end unless she destroys him.    Strangely enough Piss Bots weakness comes from her robot companion… Fem Bot.   Mega Man must destroy what Piss Bot cares about most before delivering the final blow to Piss Bot herself.

#8 – Sheep Man Vs Mega Man

Friday, March 12th, 2010

This ones for Lone Seagull.

Music by Ricky Bob


#8 – Sheep Man

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

HP: 100

Power: Lightning Bolt

Weakness: Cut Man

As everyone knows Mega Man 10 just came out TODAY for PS3.  With its state of the art graphic and sound effects it’s already an instant classic.  The last and ultimate boss in Mega Man 10 is the deadly Sheep Man who can shoot lightning bolts at will.  Your suppose to beat Sheep Man with Cut Mans power which has the ability shear Sheep Man’s sturdy coat and leave him vulnerable to attack.

Hint: If you have Bee Mans power at this point you can call Rush (Jet board version) and fly around the battle arena while shooting your powerful bee’s which will home in and swarm Sheep Man to death.  Just remember to shoot as many bee’s as possible before Sheep Man shoots his lightning.

#9 – Fem Bot

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

HP: 1

Power: Tusken Raider Whip

Weakness: Hot Oil Bath

The dreaded Fem Bot is one of Mega Man’s most hated adversaries.  All Fem Bot wanted was Mega Man’s love but Mega Man told the bot off.  He said he was too busy killin evil bots and he didn’t have time for that kind of thing.  In actuality Mega Man just wanted to be with Roll rather than a hideous poorly made Fem Bot.  Fem Bot caught wind of this and swore revenge on Mega Man.

Top 10 Mega Man Bosses of All Time!

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

#10 – Fecal Bot

HP: 45

Power: Brown Submarine

Weakness: Bee’s

Fecal Bot has the dangerous power of surprise.  Most players underestimate Fecal Bots brown submarine projectile.  Fecal Bot has the power to make this brown submarine explode into a black hole at any given moment.  This black hole has a vacuum effect which has the ability to drain Mega Man’s life bar drastically.  The key to Fecal Bots demise is the power of Bee Man.  Once Fecal bot raises his exhaust pipe shoot your Killer Bee’s at that week point to end his life.  The fact that Fecal Bot can only be beaten with the power of Bee Man makes him a shoe in as #10 on this list.